Stars and Snowflakes


March 2016

What Doesn’t Kill You

Fearsome destroyer.
Killer of worlds.
The brave flee
With the cowards
In the face
Of your power.

Nighttime companion.
Comfortable home.
You nurtured me
With chaos,
Groomed me
In nightly seance.

Transforming darkness.
Unwanted truth.
Those who run
From reality
Are forced to face

Revives new eyes.
You tend to
The aftermath,
Leave perspective
In your warpath.

When you rebuild
It’s stronger.
What’s not killed
Lasts longer.

Water Burns

In the guise of a dream,
Coating everything with mist
So thin
It can’t be seen.
But it’s dangerous.
It glazes the eyes.
It blinds.

It fears the light
And tints the dark
With rose and confusion.
It deludes reason,
Pacifies her.
It befriends doubt,
Charms him,
Devours him.

Crafted from water,
Yet weak to fire.
Threatened by embers,
And the Sun.
One day, it will burn.
It will always burn.
Don’t burn with it.


Do I know anything?
There’s no such thing
As certainty.
Have I seen anything?
The senses
Can’t be trusted.
Did I hear anything?
All who speak
Could I feel anything?


To my eyes weeds are roses,
And puddles are the sea.
The sun on the horizon
Is staring back at me.

The wind blows the direction
Toward where I should begin,
And snowflakes are soft fingers
That gently touch my skin.

The clouds paint pictures for me
Against the pale blue sky.
The leaves whisper their secrets
From trees as I walk by.

The stars discuss a mission
That I’m called to fulfill.
Night creatures howl in chorus
To fortify my will.

The birdsong is a signal
To step into the rain,
And buzzing insects tell me
To meet the speeding train.


A trick of the light
Catches my eye,
Then leaves me.

A casual word
Perks up my ears,
Deceives me.

A bump in the night
Rattles my head,
Unnerves me.

A mistaken hint
Poisons my thoughts,
Disturbs me.

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