So, each April I publish a poem a day for National Poetry month.  I fell asleep yesterday before I could, so according to my unwritten rule, it’s time to make a non-fiction post on this blog.  Not to explain myself or anything like that, just because I’ve been meaning to, and I set up the stipulation in my head that if I ever missed a day, I had to make this post the next day.

Several of my poems this month have had a similar theme, that of transitioning and starting something new.  At the beginning of this past week, I started a new job.  Before that, I had been working part time in retail (a job I was grateful for, and with some really great people.  I was so lucky to have had the job experience that I had there), and my new job is full time, with benefits.  I went from working a few minutes’ drive from my house, a few days a week, to Monday-Friday in a city that is nearly an hour away by train.  It’s a new adventure, and I’m so excited, but it has been beyond exhausting.  I’ve been going to sleep at 9:30, and my daily reminder to write a poem for the day is set for 9…

Anyway, this is essentially my first real job.  It’s in a field I have no experience in, so there’s a lot to learn, but I feel so proud of myself as I start to get the hang of things.  With this job, I really feel like my life is finally beginning (I say finally because I just turned 24 and have been out of college for 2 years).  Hopefully this summer I can find an apartment and move out on my own.  Things are happening for me.

I missed posting yesterday, so I’ll try to post an extra poem this weekend so I can at least hit 30 this month.  Thanks for reading this, and hey, if you have any other questions about anything, feel free to ask them!  I’m pretty open.