This is where I offer some more information on my writing, as well as links to the categories/ tags.

In general, everything here (with the exception of some quick thoughts or notes) is Creative Writing.  So that link gets you to every post, minus the mentioned exception.

Lately, I’ve been writing more Poetry than anything else.  For the most part, I like to give my poems some sort of structure, pattern, or consistency.  Sometimes this is with rhyme, repetition, or syllables.  I used to dabble in sonnets and might get into them again soon.

The way I write Free Verse, I don’t count it as poetry.  To me, it’s just unstructured, expressive writing.  Which sometimes can be poetic, but mine is usually in paragraphs.

I’m really into astrology, and I’m currently working on a series based on/ inspired by the symbolism of the planets.  That Planetary Series is here, and so far it includes poems on two of the most impactful planets for me, Neptune and Pluto.

Eventually I’ll add short stories, and I’ll link to the categories accordingly.  There will be some flash fiction, and I intend to write a series of shorts with something in common to link them, like a character or location.  More on that when I start it.