Stars and Snowflakes


With a new place
Comes the opportunity
To be
A newer me,
To uncover
Another layer
Of identity
And discover
More facets
Of who I’m meant to be.



Has never been
A fan of me,
With my refusal
To follow along,
To jump at its call,
Or dance to its song.
But lately
It sounds sweeter,
Like a tune that could play
In the background
Of my day.


A little bitter
Mostly sweet
This day
Of my retreat
From a blessed lesson
To the start of my life.

Despite poor prose,
I managed to tell
Those who needed to hear
What I needed to say,
And despite clear skies,
Cloudy eyes
Brought unplanned rain
To my farewell.


The past has demons in it
That aren’t demons at all,
Just missed words
And misunderstandings
That caused me to call
Those bridges burned
And friendships fractured
Beyond the point
Of no return.


We can let life
Act upon us,
Melt us away,
Like Summer melts ice pops
Onto pavement,
Or the Sun melts Winter into Spring.
Fear melts into excitement,
Into thrill, rush,
And back to fear.
Studio lights
Melt dreamers
Into extras.
Time melts memory,
And certainty
Until what we stood for
Mixes with who we used to be
Down the drain.


Once I escape,
I’m not going back.
How could you
Expect me to?
I won’t cuff my own wrists
Once I’m finally free.
Why would I
Do that to me?
Your doubt
Won’t change a thing
Now that
My life’s beginning.


Stir crazy
Aching to run away
No way
You could convince me to stay;
Too much life to live
And world to see.
In this glass prison,
The smallest things
Provoke me,
But soon
So soon
I will break myself free.


There’s a disconnect
Between my soul
And my body,
Between my body
And the rest of me,
That threatens to
Unravel me
If I
Can’t tie
These pieces back together

New Chapter

Neverending might be
A fantasy,
Forever’s overrated,
And the greatest lie created
Was “happily ever after.”
I’m starting a new chapter,
And despite all the faith
And hope that I hold,
I’ve read enough to know
That things implode
As the story unfolds.

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